Your organization's vulnerability to cyberattacks is growing:
Read this ESG white paper to learn how Riverbed can help bridge the gap between security and networking.

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Reveal the blind spots in your network

Only Riverbed provides the complete picture with 100% network visibility.

Always on

24 hours

/ day


7.2 minutes

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Sampling network data is not security

You can’t trust the trade-offs. Sampled metadata leaves significant gaps in information that help detect security attacks. Riverbed is the only vendor that offers 100% full-fidelity, always-on security monitoring and forensics.

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Threat hunting

Actively seek out, track, and disable the most skilled and dangerous network intruders. Cyber Hunting requires universal access to telemetry across the network, endpoints and packet data to isolate and evade threats.

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Learn how a global biopharmaceuticals organization reached their target goal to retain 24 hours of packet data with any AppResponse deployment.

Incident response

Minimize damage and reduce recovery time and cost by assisting with remediation and containment efforts. Riverbed provides full historical details about the scope and timeline of the attack.

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Combat security threats with the richest set of data and intelligent analytics from across the network. Riverbed delivers critical insights by capturing and storing all network flow and packet data from every device whether it is virtual, in the cloud or on-prem.

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Capture every packet, flow, and device telemetry 100% of the time


Reduce bandwidth requirements by up to 99%


Accelerate encrypted applications 10X or more


Detect and resolve performance issues and security threats up to 90% faster



Connect and engage with your peers in the technical community.



Hear from Riverbed and Industry Experts addressing major trends and topics on-demand.



Gain interesting perspectives and insights from Riverbed experts.


White Paper

Learn how Riverbed can help bridge the gap between security and networking.

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You can’t secure what you can’t see

Riverbed is the only 6X Gartner NPMD Magic Quadrant Leader to provide the full-fidelity network visibility you need to see everything.

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